Monday, 3 June 2013



A nine-to-five job rarely guaranteed satisfaction. Lammert, like many other people, knew that but when the economy was harsh, he had to count his blessing.

Money was not an issue, his job pays the bill and still leaves a bit of surplus as he needs little other than a roof over his head and other basic necessities. His alter ego, on the other hand, needs a lot more than that.  

At five, Lammert would always packed up and go. At six, he would have reached home and as he took off his socks and shoes, his blonde hair would grow longer, turning into a darker shade of brown. As he took of his shirt and pants, his body grew slimmer and lose its masculine shape; his chest area expanded and breasts began to develop and grow while his pelvis became larger and his legs became more toned and smooth. Taking off his underwear, he noticed that his cock was getting smaller, as if withdrawing into his body, and being replaced by a nice, moist and tight vagina. Before he hit the shower, he could feel his face configuring itself, his features becoming more soft and his lips becoming more full.

After the shower, Lammert stepped out of the bathroom. Looking into the mirror, he saw a middle-aged brunette with an alluring figure and blew a kiss to it. Opening another cabinet, he fished for a black thong and a blue cocktail dress that emphasise her bosom. Finally, he finished his dress-up with a 3-inches platform heels. Looking into the mirror, Lammert smiled and muttered a word of ‘perfect’ before grabbing his purse and heading out.

At seven-thirty, Cecillia stepped out of her home. It’s been a long tiring day at work and she definitely need a way to relax herself. Perhaps, a free drink or two at the nearby club and a good night of raucous sex will help.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

The Mimic: Third Step

For the uninitiated, please refer to previous post.


Summer is here and Darren is bored. After his stint with Diana, he busied himself with his studies so as not to rouse any suspicion from his parents that he’s getting distracted. And now that the finals are over, Darren started to fantasise the next few rounds of impersonation he had planned; perhaps Miss Riley, the office lady down the street or Fu Mei, his quiet Chinese classmate from Chemistry.

However, a dilemma soon dawns on him; he needs money for the summer. If he works, he would have lesser time to hone his craft of impersonation, furthermore, he hates working part-time. Yet, if he doesn’t, he wouldn’t have money to fund his craft or his other activities for that matter.

While Darren mulled over the problem, he remembered that the Lorrin family, down in the suburbs where well-to-do family lives, is in need of a tutor for their only son, Adrian who is one year younger than him. Darren happens to be very good at his studies so this job seems suitable. However, that was not his intention. The Lorrin family has three ladies, the mother, Mrs Lorrin, the eldest daughter who is in college, Nikki and the youngest daughter, Melanie who is one year older than him. Prestige, class and wealth, Darren wonders how these ladies are and got excited when he thought of the various opportunities to learn from them.

Going as himself is acceptable but Darren mused  why not go as a female as well? He can hone his craft while earning his keep, brilliant! And he has the perfect disguise for this situation as well.

“Ah, Aunt Kimber, it’s nice to see you again,” Darren smiles as he looks into the mirror.

“Well, I can’t ignore the request of my favourite nephew now, can I?” the reflection replies in a husky voice. “Aunt Kimber” posed in front of the mirror and inspect her clothes, pin-strip suit hugged tightly to her round body, black tights that enveloped her shapely legs and a spectacle to complete the facade. She has a conservative look but yet exude a sense of allure to observers.

God, I look sexy. Darren thought. Since, I have a bit of time left, might as well have a bit of fun being Aunt Kimber, Aunt Kimber smacked her lips as her hands slipped into her skirt.

The Mimic: First Step

Oh dear, I deleted this on accident. Reposting so that the next post will make a bit of sense.

Best Friend Forever

Inspired by Trevor’s A Walk in the Park and other bodysuit comics.


Tim and I grew up together and in the process, do everything together; sports, hobbies, studies, parties, outings and even holidays, name any social activity and chances are we did it. Knowing him for 19 years, one could even say that I know him better than anybody else. When we go to different college, our friendship wasn’t even compromised, we would still call and talk and occasionally even meet despite our busy schedule.

So when he announced that he is going to ask a girl out, I wasn’t feeling surprised albeit, a bit jealous; Tim had always been chasing skirt and I was his wingman but because of his introverted personality, he never really got any girl. Unsurprisingly, he came to me dejected that the girl rejected him. I winced and yet at the same time, felt relieved; there was no time. It’s time to put the plans in action.

I must admit, I lied at the beginning. We did most of the things together but even my best friend Tim didn’t know that I’m a closet crossdresser. Going to college, I studied theatre and dramatics as an elective to my arts major and that’s when inspiration strikes: if Tim couldn’t find the perfect woman, why can’t I be the perfect woman for him?

And now here I am, Evvie Haleigh, college student from another state visiting relatives for the weekend. Inspecting my auburn wig (he’s a sucker for redhead), blue cardigan, short pink skirt, flesh-toned tights and the 3-inches pump (He’s a leg man), I ready myself for my “first” encounter with Tim.

“Well, my shy Timmy, here I come,” I giggled in my honeyed voice.

The Trouper

Hi guys, apologies for the irregular updates! I wish I could blame it all on my university but I am partly to blame due to my procrastination. So here's a few caps that I've created. I hope you enjoy them.


To some, ten years is a long time; to others, it may well be the opposite. To me? It’s long enough to master a set of skills.

“Diana, can you look this way? Yes, smile for the camera. Yes, this is good,”

It’s long enough to learn the many different mannerisms of the fairer sex; how they talk, how they walk, how they present themselves, how to pull off those subtle body languages. After this long, one could even learn how they fuck.

“Now Diana, we need you to strip the cardigan off. Give me a sultry look. Great, very lovely, your subscribers are going to love this!”

It’s long enough to master the art of masking; crafting the mask using different materials and methods, adding those little imperfections to fool those who are sharp and most importantly understanding the different definitions of beauty and how to compromise at all.

“Alright Diana, you know what to do. Let’s show off some of those beautiful skin,”

It’s long enough to maintain a suitable figure; enforcing a strict exercise regime that tones and develops the hip, butt and leg and following a relatively strict diet that maintains calories and fats intake.

“Beautiful darling, absolutely dazzling. Lie on the bed. Lovely.”

It’s long enough to craft the perfect body; customising paddings for the pelvis and wearing a corset to emphasise the girly figure, studying different body types and crafting the different bodysuits for them - skin tones, blemishes, customisable breast size, permeability, etc.

“That’s all for the shoot, Diana. It’s a real pleasure working with you again. Dear, you have to share with me your beauty tips. You look stunning everytime I see you.

And it’s long enough to practice and combine all of these together to create the perfect illusion of femininity.

“Well, Chrs. It’s a secret” I winked.