Friday, 14 December 2012

Pimpin' the Ladies Out

Hello, here's another update. This one is based on Zn's Symbiont's universe like Fission. Hope you enjoy it.


  1. Just a couple of questions, Ivy.
    1) What does the Symbiont get out of this relationship?
    2) Will Payton, Drew or the Symbiont be seeking any other recruits help build their business?

    (And one bit of editorial critique; One female is A womAn, two or more are womEn. Sorry dear, it's a common mistake seen in TG Caps, understandable if English is not your native tongue.)

    Nice work here! Keep the work... and your readers up!


    1. Thank you for your comment, w8z2x4m!

      1) From what I remember, the Symbiont gets sustenance from semen and if it does not get any sustenance, the host would feel horny and wish to mate with males.
      2) I've not really planned this far yet. But there could be a possibility; I don't know. I write this cap because I like the setting of it.

      Thanks for the correction! I could pull the 'English-is-not-my-mother-tongue' card but the problem is I speak and write English way more than my native language.