Thursday, 5 December 2013

A Series of Transformation

Another series of short caps. I'm too wordy sometimes. Hopefully you enjoy this as well.

Sex Appeal

Alex needed not opened his eyes to know the transformation was complete. He could feel the shoulder-length blonde hair, his modest-sized breast and his flat nether region; he had become Mrs Winslow, the mother of his best friend, Pearce. If he had a choice, he would have preferred a younger form, like Mrs Winslow’s daughter, but current situation demands him to be her. Quickly, ramaging through her closet, he donned a yellow camisole, white silky stockings and a pair of matching white heels just in time to hear the living room door open. Taking a deep breath, Alex checked his bearing and put on his most seductive smile.

Mr Winslow had recently grounded him on violating curfew. Try as he had, Pearce had tried to convince his father to do otherwise but he refused to budge. Alex thought, if his son couldn’t persuade him to lessen the punishment, then perhaps, his wife would.


“Oh yes, fuck me harder!”

A grunt was all she need as her partner started to pump faster, causing her to moan deeper and sluttier. Brent couldn’t believe that his best friend’s younger sister, Joane could be this slutty. Usually when he saw her around, she looked gentle and demure but right in front of her was a slut begging him to “ram his big fat cock deeper into her pussy”. Without hesitation, Brent proceeded to fulfil her request.

Joane was silently giggling to herself as she felt the throbbing dick going in deep with every thrust Brent gave. All thanks to the Medallion of Zulo, Brent thought that he was fucking the usually demure Joane whereas in fact, was fucking her little brother, Francis. All Francis need was Joane’s worn garment, her purple woolen leggings in this case, and the medallion will transform its wearer to the owner of said garment.

“Ah, more! Give it to me more, Brent. Fuck my brains out!”

However, it wasn’t the sex that Francis got off to. Sure the sex was great but what really turned Francis on was the deception of it. Everyone thought they were fucking someone they knew but in actual fact, they don’t. This coupled with the fact that Francis was always playing the seductress, hence, having control over the sex, gave him a power trip that he never had.

“Oh, you’re cumming? Me too honey. Give it to me, baby. Cum in my pussy!”

Peace & Quiet

“Something is wrong with me,” Stanford thought as he looked into his cup of coffee. Day-offs is a rare commodity in Stanford’s chaotic and noisy line of work and now that he has it, he decided to piss it off on drinking coffee in an empty cafe, wearing women’s clothes. Not that he looked bad at it, in fact, Stanford looks extremely feminine in it due to his ability to shapeshift into any person he wants.

Sure, he could morph himself to a male supermodel but he preferred the female form. Maybe, it’s the petite frame or perhaps the diversity in women’s fashion but he just felt ‘snugly’ whenever he’s a women.

Initially, all he could was to morph to people he knew or seen and before he knew it, his ability had matured to the point he could simply craft a new identity. This had an ironical effect; nobody knew Stanford Gallagher but everybody knew Jamie, Britney, Amanda, etc, all of them being his alter ego. This caused him much social isolation so being alone was pretty much the norm for him.

Stanford rubbed his nylon clad thigh together and crossed his legs. “Man, what am I doing? It’s my day off,” he grumbled as he sipped the coffee. “Then again, I don’t mind this peace and quiet once in a while.”


  1. My favorite here is easily the shape-shifter story. Always been a major fantasy of mine to take any form i wished and create new identities with it.

  2. Same here, shapeshifting is also one of my favoruite TG themes.