Thursday, 5 December 2013

First Date Jitters

Channing was getting the first-date jitters. Sure, this was his first time going out on a date but he was having butterflies in the stomach for a whole different reason.

“Calm yourself, it’s going to be alright. You train yourself for this,” Channing muttered under his breath as he took the corset and put it on. “Remember. Sway your hips when you walk, don’t exaggerate!” Feeling the tightness around his abdomen, he went on to put on his padded girdle, his “girl shorts”. The girdle with the corset created an illusion of feminine curves and hiding his erected member under the flesh-coloured garment.

“This costs me a lot but it’s worth it,” Channing picked up his breast form as he carefully apply the adhesive. Glueing it to his chest, he looked into a full-body mirror and adjusted it. Channing hated mirrors like that, it reminded him of his body and his gender; what he could not be when he was born but things were different now. His mirror was set up to only show the body of the user minus the face and now it reflected an image of a female body; its legs were rather thick but toned, shaved and moisturized, the body had a feminine curve with lacy corset and a girdle however, what stood out was the lack of female genitalia and outlining of the breast form. Channing smiled to himself, it was alright. A good dress would be able conceal the lower half and a good bout of makeup would make the breast form natural as if he was born with it.

Next was the clothing. Black stockings, white brassiere and thongs, lace dresses embroidered with floral patterns and matching open-toed heels. He loved the feel of lace and silk against his skin as he put them on. With each garment, he felt a step closer to who he was. “There,” Channing spoke but the words that came out was modulated and higher in pitch. Finally, Channing sauntered to his dressing table, his hips swaying while the heels clicking hard with every step against the wooden floor. On it was a female head with long blond hair stared emptily at him, he carefully peeled the skin off and wore it over his head, feeling his alter ego, no, his true self surfacing.

Bending over and looking into the full length mirror again, Charlie saw her reflection. She gave a demure smile and the reflection did the same. The first date jitter was gone and in place was confidence of a woman that knows her sexuality. Looking at the clock, she knew she would be late for her date, a man that goes by the name Johnny. Charlie looked at the reflection again; going by her looks, she was sure Johnny would forgive, it’s after all, their first date and the female always came late, right?


  1. Thanks for writing such a wonderful transformation process, dear. Highly enjoyable and I think it will go into my collection.