Friday, 6 December 2013

Joy of Youth

And this is the last of the batch I'm uploading. Whew, I'm saving this post to apologise for my absence. As what many could attest, I've been busying myself in meatspace and sadly, this trend will worsen. So all I could do is to sporadically update with multiple content rather than updating every week or so.

That said, I sincerely hope you have enjoyed the caps I have created. Thank you.

Wealth is a double-bladed sword, especially so when it comes to love and friendship. My wealth has invited many shallow people into my circles, the gold diggers, male and female alike and I grow weary of second guessing their intention. And now, I am 69 years old and still single, as you can probably tell, I grow desperate to seek companion and perhaps, to feel youthful once again.

So I pick Kristie as my wife.

Kristie isn’t very different from all the gold diggers I knew but she is probably one of the most beautiful ones I’ve known. That was however, not the reason. I chose her because I had tasted the forbidden fruit. As you perhaps know, a man of my wealth have many hobbies and one of them being toys collection, specifically antique toys; toys of a forgotten era when children actually actively play with and run around the house with them. A few weeks ago, a toy ray-gun was delivered to me, its design was something out of a 60s science fiction, coils at the tip and colourful, something that reminds me of Flash Gordon. More interestingly, it came with a note and an instruction that stated that it could turn people into wearable skins. Naturally I laughed it off but I added it into my collection anyway.

My strange hobby was pretty much common knowledge to those who knew about me so guests naturally wanted to see them whenever I have a social function in my home. Kristie was one of them. She was alone when she wanted to see my collection and chanced upon the toy-gun. Amused, she took and triggered it while aiming herself and blacked out.

How did I know it? I wore her on that night. The instruction was right. Chancing upon it, I hid her skin until the crowd went home and inspected it. Curiosity got the better of me and I decided to wear her out. The skin was smooth, delicate but firm, her insides were warm and slick, like wet lace. As I fit my 69 years old frame into her voluptuous 29 years old skin, my body squeezed and conformed, my hips flared, my chest expanded, my belly flattened and my gentials fused with the skin, aligning it with her nether region. When I pull her head over mine, I saw her life flashing in front of me. And it was then, I knew I had become Kristie Penner, 29 years old financial consultant. The vitality of youth flowed through me and I was addicted to it; her zeal for life, her boundless energy, her health and her sex. It was more than what I could ask for so I decided, I need her.

So I courted her and spoilt her with my wealth and power. I gave her everything she wanted and in return, she gave me her body, literally and figuratively. Initially, I wore her to feel young again in the hope of capturing my youthful days; I would run, go to the gym, swim and bask in the sun as her. Soon after, curiousity got the better of me and I began exploring my new found sex; fondling my ample bosom, fingering my moist snatch and caressing my creamy thigh. The masturbation sessions were intense and the ecstasy felt was beyond of what I am capable of in my old body.

Thereafter, my lifestyle change, I would jog and go to the gym in her tightest running short and tank tops, and swim in her sexiest bikini outfit, flaunting my erotic body to everyone I meet, the attention and envy I received was exhilarating. From there, it escalated; I begun to indulge in femininity, I learn about makeup and fashion and soon with my allure, attracted males and females partners alike. Sex was just the icing on the cake with my new found youth.

Alas, I know nothing lasts forever. Soon, I will die and Kristie will inherit all of my earthly possessions and life goes on. At least that’s what I would like people to believe, but I, Delroy Dirkson, will live on forever as Kristie Dirkson, widow of a once lonely, desperate billionaire.


  1. A great couple of posts. I look forward to your next post when ever you can.

    1. Much appreciated, Ian. I shall try.

  2. While I'm not a fan of ID thief, I have to give you praise for the excellent writing and choice of image. He would be a temptation for sure.

    1. Thank you, Simone. Those images had been sitting in my computer for quite some time already, I had to use them!

  3. Absolutely amazing captions, I LOVE the Costume Gun. Great work!! :)

  4. Replies
    1. Hello MadSwapper, I still cap but not frequently because of compulsive laziness and work from real life. :p However, I will release batches of captions here and there to make up for the lost time (some may argue it's still not enough and I agree with it).