Thursday, 26 June 2014

Compensated Dating

Reading about Enjo Kosai may help understand the context behind this caption.


“Do you think he knows?” the bespectacled lady whispered, her voice was breathy but controlled, as if the lady was trying to maintain it.

“Nah, I doubt it. I can see lust in his eyes,” her partner boredly whispered back, her voice was unusually low like a man.

“How did you know? And hey, don’t break character!”

“When you’re in this field long enough, you can observe a hell lot of things,” the partner dismissed him, “Besides, we look like two girls checking him out,” the partner giggled, her voice radically transformed to a bubbly and feminine one.

Tetsuo couldn’t believe what he had gotten himself into. An amatuer actor by trade, he had a unique gift of mimicry which yielded him some gigs but these were not enough to sustain himself in a city like Tokyo. Contemplating to apply for a second job, Shin, a friend of his, introduced him to the job of compensated dating.

“Don’t you mean reverse-compensated dating?”

“Oh no, I mean you as a girl, fishing for man,”

“I’m not becoming a tranny,”

“You don’t have to; all we need is an illusion, dear Tetsuo.”

And here he was, squeezed into a corset, gaff and padded girdle. Breast form and long hair wig to emphasise his femininity. However, the most impressive disguise was the mask, it felt real; malleable, firm and smooth, like what you expect from a young woman's skin. Wearing it over and donning female clothing, Tetsuo couldn’t believe his eyes; he had regressed into a girl in her early twenties.

“Well Mika, should we go and earn our, keep?” Tetsuo was snapped back to reality, facing Tetsuo, or rather Kaori, the fake female smiled. This could work after all!

“Of course Kaori, it’s not good to keep them waiting,” the bespectacled Mika replied chirply.

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