Sunday, 29 June 2014

Cat and Mouse


The assailant closed the door behind him and unconsciously touched his face when he saw the man on the bed looking up to him. He knew that the disguise is perfect but that action was a bad habit of his, cultivated from the days of the Cold War espionage.

“Lorie, who was it?” the man asked groggily as if awoke from a slumber.

“Oh it’s Jacqueline, that silly girl. She just wanted to return me the novel I lent her before she goes off to Las Vegas,” the assailant replied. That was not entirely a lie as it was indeed Jacqueline that visited Lorie Perry, at least that was what it looked like to the neighbours and Lorie herself.

“I’m sorry to bother you honey, let’s go to bed,” the assailant said sheepishly as he climbed into the bed. His dulcet tone was exactly like that of Lorie’s, something inimitable to even the most impressive artist, the assailant would never cease to be surprised of the voice coming out of his voice box. It was something the device could do.

“Hmm, should we give her a lift to the airport tomorrow, I’m leaving as well-”

“Oh don’t be silly, her flight would be in the afternoon. Your flight is the morning,” That however, was a lie. In fact, Jacqueline was still downstairs, in the storeroom. The assailant in Jacqueline’s skin visited Lorie under the pretense of returning the novel. Returning the novel, the assailant, in Jacqueline’s plummy voice, asked for a drink. He knew from Jacqueline’s memory, that Lorie had good hospitality and would not reject her offer. Once Lorie had her back turned, the assailant took out a toy gun and aimed at her. With a silent and sudden flash, Lorie was no more, her form disappeared from where she walked, leaving only a pile of her nightwear and skin on that spot.

Quickly, the assailant entered the house, he knew he had not much time else the husband suspected something. Stripping fast without a waste of movement, he pointed the toy gun to himself and triggered. Jacqueline’s face crumpled and sagged as the assailant pulled off the skinsuit from behind his head, showing a rather bald and beady-eyes man. Wriggling out of Jacqueline’s skin, he moved his muscular naked form over to Lorie’s pile and wore her skin through the opening at the back. His thick legs shrank and elongated as he put his legs into the suit, suiting that of Lorie’s shapely legs. Pulling up the suit, his body shrank and wrapped as it adapted to the suit’s frame; his penis flattened and melded with Lorie’s smooth nether region, his hips and ass flared while his abdomen tightened and wrapped into Lorie’s hourglass figure, his chest expanded and moulded itself to fill Lorie’s luscious breast and finally, when he pulled the empty face over his, his face deformed within to aligned itself with Lorie’s face.

Alien sensation filled his body as the assailant's mind got used to the new body he had acquired, he felt a sense of familiarity as he took on Lorie’s identity. This is her home, she is the wife of the assailant’s target, Dr. Oved Silverstein, one of DARPA’s top scientist, tomorrow she had to attend a community event but before that, she was going to accompany her husband to the airport where he would fly to Edinburgh for a conference. A perfect cover. The assailant could leisurely look through the house for information of the alleged anti-costume gun prototype

That done, the assailant defly gather Jacquline’s pile and shove them into the storeroom, after which, she went up all the while sashaying as the assailant quickly conditioned himself to get used to Lorie’s gait while whispering to herself to get used to her manners of speech. All of these within an instant as he tapped into Lorie’s mind, something only the device can do.

As the couples fell asleep, the good doctor never suspected a thing. Even when he coyly wrapped his arms around his wife to get a good feel of her body, her wife merely cooed in return and wrapped her nylon clad legs around his, just like every other night. ‘Ah, my wife knows best,’ the scientist thought as he drifted himself to sleep, smelling the scent his wife always used before he slept.

I did it! I finally did it! The mystery of the Costume Gun is no more!

With this, we could use it deter the rampant espionage going around the world and unethical use of such devices. Still it’s fascinating how the costume gun works; breaking down the victim’s molecular structures, it -

“Honey, is that you?”

Oh, my thoughts must have wandered again. No wonder my wife calls me scatterbrained. This reminds me, I have to re-orgranise my desk. It’s a mess but I don’t remember touching it before I left for Edinburgh. Oh whatever, celebration comes first.

“Dear, you cannot believe what I’ve done,”

“Oh honey, you can tell me all about it when we get back from dinner. Now, get dressed now or we’ll be late,” Walking up the stairs, I finally realise the glasses I am wearing. Oh dear, I brought the prototype home! The prototype that allows the user to see through a costume gun user by highlighting the point of entry of the skin. This point of entry on the victim’s skin is created when the costume gun is used on a victim, I have found out this entry is visible under specific electromagnetic spectrum which this pair of glass can filter with visible light.

I get into the bedroom just to see my wife doing her make-up in the room. Ah, as beautiful and sexy as always, I wonder whether would she prepare some kinky-wait, what is that slit?!


  1. Oh what a WONDERFUL twist! I love it, especially considering I'm a little iffy on costume gun stories to begin with. Once again your fab writing draws me in.