Thursday, 26 June 2014

Father-Daughter Bonding


“Oh daddy, are you awake? Now, now, don’t struggle, you will just be chaffing your wrist against the bond! And don’t bother screaming, I have sent the servants for a day off and mother, well, she’s in a deep sleep. Don’t look at me like that daddy, how could I hurt my own mother?”

“Ah, I see that you have caught my reflection, then I guess I will drop the pretense. You see, my client had sent me to, persuade you to forgo the business expansion into Europe. As you can see, I have your daughter. Or should I say, I am your daughter?”

“However, my client is benevolent. He proposed a postponement of your plans by six months. In return, your daughter, family and most importantly your reputation will be safe. A fair deal, isn’t it?”

“Do not worry about your board of directors, my client has paid a few of my kins to make sure they are in the same boat as you so you would have full support as well,”

“I don’t really like the look of your face, Mr Wang. It seems you don’t understand the position you’re in. Your daughter has a body to die for and I know people who would pay top dollars to have a go with her and a whole lot of people who would appreciate a live session of her getting fucked. Your wife, while not attractive to most, could garner a loyal fanbase of people who have a fetish for old woman. All of these with me in the driver seat and trust me Mr Wang, I am familiar with all kinds of debauchery and I have never failed to please a crowd,”

“You still don’t look convinced. Oh the reflection! Don’t worry,”

“Hah, the look of your face is priceless. It takes time and experience but I can shift my face back to the original at will,”

“Where is your daughter? Silly old man, I am your daughter! Remember her overseas trip? Yeah, I met her there and possessed her, just like that. All those shopping trips and family outings and dinner? Yep, you guessed it. It’s me. You couldn’t have guessed a man is inside lil’ Hui Wen and has perfectly imitated her so fucking well,”

“So do we have an agreement? That’s my good man. Why am I dressed like that? I will come to that right now. You see, daddy, I need additional insurance to your co-operation and I am fucking horny right now. You see this video camera here? Yes, I think I know what you’re thinking. I wonder how would the Chinese public react if they see one of their top CEO is actually fucking his own daughter?”

“Don’t deny it. I know of your fetish. If not for it, I would have hopped your mistress instead for this. Aha, my daddy is rather naughty isn’t he? Come on now, let’s know each other more.”


  1. This is a testament to your skill: I am usually wary possession stories because I don't like ID thief. . . but this is SOOOO creative! This is a unique use for such power and I like how you handled the story. VERY well done.

    1. Aw, thanks! There are other bodyhopper caps that are similar in vein so I wanted to try that route out.