Thursday, 26 June 2014

One Night Stand


The couch’s leather creaked as the couples on it embroiled themselves in lust and love. The woman beneath moaned but she spoke no words as her tone conveyed her message well and clear: ‘fuck me harder’. The men under her reciprocate in kind to her desire by thrusting his cock harder into her glistening snatch.

The moans became hotter and lustful as the intensity of their intercourse reached to a feverish pitch. The men beneath squeezed his girlfriend’s soft bottom tighter as he felt himself nearing to the climax. The woman sensing the stiffness of his partner’s cock, rode harder and relished the hotness of his shaft sliding in and out like a piston, lubricated by her love juice. Squeezing her vagina muscles to get more of what she desired, she whispered huskily into her ears of her loved one to let it all out into her. The man heard it and complied to her wanton desires, ejaculating his hot semen into her hungry snatch with a grunt. Receiving it, the woman cooed sensually and nibbled his ears with a blissful smile before setting her head on his chest as she let the man catch his breath.

“Oh Ida,” the man wheezed, “that was probably the greatest one we had, why-”

“Kevin, shh,” Ida hushed him with his finger, “No question,”

Kevin shut his mouth. He didn’t knew what had gone into his ex-fiancee who left him penniless after their divorce. One doesn't see that happening often outside of drama serials but here he was, rekindling old fire with his former love. ‘Maybe it was pity sex,’ he thought dejectedly, his mind going through the scene of his doctor telling him that his cancer was terminal. But other than his best friend, how would she had known? ‘I will need to confront that bastard, this is getting awkward,’ he mentally regretted it as he recovered from the post-coitus mood.

Ida felt her vagina still aching. Obviously still not satisfied with current session, Ida inwardly cursed herself, she wanted to be a good partner for his ex-fiance and being slutty right now would be spoiling the mood. However, she would not be a bodyhopper if she had not mastered the arts of sex and arousing a male for another go was one of the earliest tricks she had to learn.

Ida or rather Doran, Kevin’s accursed best friend, was a bodyhopper for more than a decade already, in between his hopping, he still . When he had learnt of Kevin’s situation, he went to Ida to deliver the news, hoping that Ida would at least accompany or visit a dying man but when Doran heard her cold rejection, he moved onto his backup plan.

Now in her body, his innate nature of being a bodyhopper, his unusually high libido, is becoming a liability to the romantic mood he had set up for Ida and Kevin. Slowly moving down to his waist, he, in Ida’s body, took Kevin’s cock and licked his shaft slowly, savouring the taste of Ida’s love juice mixed with Kevin’s semen while teasing Ida’s clit. The moans and feeling of getting licked snapped Kevin out of his thoughts as he felt his libido rising again. The night had just began and Doran would make this his greatest night of his best friend’s remaining days.


  1. This. . . this is just fantastic. I think back to the comments you made on my cap "Gift of Grace" and I see why you enjoyed it so. I find this very touching and creative. . . few would find such a use for this kind of magic.

    1. Thank you Simone! I didn't realise that until I read your comment but sentimental, kinky captions really tickle my fancy a lot which is weird because I enjoy darker caps as well.