Thursday, 26 June 2014

Martha for a Day


When my grandfather died, he gave me something weird. The “Medallion of Zulo” as identified by his will. So while his family and relatives received material wealth and properties, I got an unremarkable medallion.

What a grandfather.

But he was always weird, collecting antique and such. Even when he found out about my crossdressing habits, he never bat an eyelid and promised to keep a secret.

What a grandfather indeed.

That changed however when I decided to raid Martha's, my cousin, wardrobe again. She recently bought a thigh high boots and I wanted to try it on for size. Slipping into her white panties, black tights, donning a black tight sweater dress (my favourite) and finally, the leather thigh high boots, I decided to wear the medallion as well, thinking that it would match the clothing. There, I found my body transformed; my hair lengthened and turned dark brown while my body shrank and distorted into a lithe feminine figure. Tits grew while my dick withdrew. Hair lengthened and turned a darker shade of brown while I felt my facial feature changed and realigned by some unknown force. Not the most pleasant feeling, mind you.

When the transformation completed, I had never felt so snugly in my cousin’s clothes before, like as if it was made to fit me but looking at the mirror, it was me who was changed to fit my cousin’s clothes. In fact, I am my cousin now, even the voice sounds the same.

It was then the weird inheritance suddenly made sense. That devious old man knew all this along. Damn you, you dead glorious bastard!

Posing in front of my cousin’s mirror, I could not help but smirked at the possibilities of this gem. Who should I try next, my sister, mother, the neighbours, my classmates? So many faces went through my mind, each of them more enticing than the next but I stopped myself. They could wait but now, as I leered my cousin’s reflection, time to take this to the next level.

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  1. Mmmmmm, what I wouldn't give for that medallion. :)