Thursday, 26 June 2014

Kappa Theta Alpha


We are the ugly and the unwanted, the social outcasts and the forgettables. Nobody remembers us but that’s fine. In fact, it’s good that we are out of people’s eyes and minds considering what we do.

Today marks the beginning of a new cycle. The upper echelon of the Upsilon Alpha Society will meet and choose the Daughters for this month. They shall be tested to see if they are deemed worthy to be the followers of Juno. I and five of my fellow brethrens are chosen. If all goes well, we would call each other sister by the end of the trial.

Like many of my brethren, I am sickly and unusually tall and thin. No one pays attention to me as if I am invisible to people, they even express their surprise and shock whenever I ‘crept’ up to them. This went on throughout my life until I reached college where I found myself in unexpected company: fellow pariahs like me through unexpected means: a beautiful lady by the name of Samantha. I was weirded out at first, thinking it was a prank but after they show what they do, I was convinced to join this weird fraternity: The Kappa Theta Alpha.

I am naked in one of the many guest rooms we have in our Chapter House and on the table is my trial, a potion that will start my journey as a Daughter. Despite being a man, I have always wondered what it’s like to be a woman. Crossdressing with my mother’s clothes have not helped satiate my curiosity, instead it only ignites it and I think Samantha sees it in me, after all, it takes one to know one. Taking the potion, I gulp it at one go and focus a single image of a woman in my mind. My ideal woman. The woman I have perfected in my mind all for the preparation for this day.

The transformation is painful and too slow for my liking. Muscles contract, realign and expand on its own accord, bones snap and resize, fats spontaneously form around my hip and chest area and hairs recede and extend in different parts of my body. The searing pain was so unbearable that I have to scream, my voice distorted and inhumane but I must retain the image in my mind; those supple bosom and derriere, the child-bearing hips, the flowing brown hair and the dulcet tone that she will possess. Finally, I feel it; the transformation bearing the fruits of my imagination. Mounds of flesh molded itself on my chest, forming breast, hips flare as the hip bones expand, hairs extend and turn brown and my penis shrunk, receding into my body, leaving a feminine slit behind.

Pleasure flows through my body as the transformation finalised, I stretch soft body and moaned as run my hands through the hair, my voice had returned, except now it’s feminine and honeyed. Man hearing it, will fall under its spell. Juno will be proud.

Wearing a red leather dress and the 3 inch open-toed heels, reminisce of my first crossdressing experience, I decided to sashay out of the room to greet my ‘sisters’. However, it is not the end. Daughters must not only look feminine but act feminine as well and I intend to show them my months of training.

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