Sunday, 29 June 2014

Smoke and Mirror


“You know, I say I’m desperate but I’m not that desperate,”

“Nonsense, my dear brother. You are contemplating to sell dad’s house to pay off out debts. Admit it Charles, you are scraping the bottom of the barrel,”

“Yeah but there isn’t a need to do this-”

“Charles, listen to me. It’s exactly because you can that’s why we are doing this. It’s fine if you wish to flip burgers or be a Walmart employee but you must understand your gift is going to open doors for you,”

“Not a particular gift I’m proud of, sis,”

“We all had to earn our living. Some of us are not fortunate enough to live our dreams, you know?”

Charles sighed. All he wanted to do was to teach. However society’s paranoia of males around young kids and perception of male teachers not being sympathetic or good as their female counterparts were obstacles to his dream. Then again, Charles was not your typical male; being shorter, smaller and androgynous due to genes and diet, Charles still look quite boyish despite being in his late twenties. That was his sister’s inspiration.

His sister, Jennifer had a outlandish idea. If they don’t wish to hire Charles, maybe they will hire Charline instead, Charles alter ego. It was not first time he had crossdressed anyway, she reasoned as he had a minor in theatrics. In his course of studies, he had experienced being the fairer sex for the sake of the play but that was that, merely theatrics and drama. However, he argued, this was real life. Nobody would be that stupid.

How very wrong was he when Jennifer, a makeup artist by trade, applied her magic on his face; thick eyeliners and eyeshadows on his eyes to emphasise them, foundation to hide the blemishes and 5 o’clock shadows, lipsticks and lipliners to make his lips fuller and brushes on his face to soften his manly features. When the wig was put over him, Charles scrutinised his reflection; all that was greeted to him was a familiar but feminine face. The reflection’s solemn but seductive eyes disguised his plain beady eyes, its elongated and narrow nose created through concealers and brush, its lips made full using nothing but lipstick, lipgloss, lipliner and depth perception and its cheeks slightly full and puffed with judicial application of the rogue. Charline was staring at him.

“Holy shit Jennifer, how?” Charles muttered in amazement however he noted that his voice had spoiled the illusion a bit and if he looked at it closer, it was as if his face was emerging from the reflection.

“Smokes and mirrors, dear brother. Now let’s change that tone of yours. It’s unsightly for a woman to have such a deep voice.” Jennifer replied mockingly.

Charles chuckled, it was a while since he did this, he wondered whether he still got it in him. “I know darling, is this good enough?” a huskier voice emanated from his voice box, ‘that’s better,’ he thought as he looked, it complimented the rather somber lady in the mirror.

“Not yet hun,” Jennifer rummaged through a couple of bags and took out a pair of breast form, “you still look like a man down there.”

Charles then went through the transformation like a routine as habits from his theatre days came back to him. The process felt familiar; shaving off the remaining hairs on his legs, moisturising of the skin, the breast forms, the infamous tucking of the cock to give the illusion of a flat, smooth crotch.wearing of the bra first before hooking, the padded girdles that was seemingly one size smaller all the time, rolling up of the tights and carefully pulling them up through both legs, buttons on the left side of clothes and finally, the airy opening beneath his skirt.

And when he finally did up his own hair, he looked into the mirror again. There, a fully bona fide female wa staring at him, he smiled and the reflection did the same, he posed and the reflection copied his move.  The illusion was immaculate not only from the outside but the inside as well, Charles was slowly being convinced that he was a female as he relished the feeling of his satin blouse caressing his bare skin, his opaque black tights wrapping around his legs tightly, his skirt hugging snugly against his false hip and his breast form weighing against the bra like actual breasts.

“So, shall we see whether people are as stupid as you thought?” Jennifer snapped out of his reverie as she grabbed her bag, “Hmm, Charline?” Jennifer continued cheekily. The woman in front of the mirror merely turned her smile into a smirk as she sashayed confidently towards her sister, skills learnt from the past were returning to her. Her heels clicked loudly against the marble floor, each move causing his false bosom to bounce slightly and his nylon clad thighs to rub against each other tenderly. Charline was loving these sensations.

“Let’s go darling,” Charline said with a dignified air, a headmistresses archetype should be most welcomed for a lot of school and she wanted to get her act right.