Thursday, 26 June 2014

Social Butterfly


Matt Hold is never one who hangs around with people. When you ask his colleagues about him, they will say he is a nice, quiet kid, a bit creepy and awkward but when for anything IT related, you can count on ole’ Matt to fix it. After which, they will grumble about his privilege of working from home.

When you ask his neighbours about him, they will say the same thing, nice quiet but creepy and awkward. After which, they will grumble about his hot girlfriend, Ericka. Man would be bewildered by how a shut-in will get such a hot girlfriend while women will gossip how inappropriately dressed she is sometime.

When you ask his girlfriend about him, she will smile and say that they are not exactly a couple. Matt is just a very good friend and although she knows Matt never socialises much, she assures you that Matt is not a creepy serial killer, just an introvert that likes to spend time alone.

That is true and Matt hates himself for that. He wants to be more sociable and likable and most importantly, he wants to be the center of the crowd. So he turns to Ericka for help, except Ericka is a mask and a realistic bodysuit; a cocoon to shelter Matt’s ego and an outlet for him to be bold and daring. It took him time and money to perfect the art of femininity: the voice, the posture, the walk and the mannerism but at the end, it was worth it. The attention, the opportunities and the intimacy he get is what he wanted, a social butterfly courted by many.

And so here Matt is, comfortably encased in his silicone persona, talking about himself. He is enjoying the attention that you are giving him and as you are about to leave, Matt stopped you. In a practiced, dulcet feminine tone, he asked “we can talk later if you want to, do you wish to talk over a cup of coffee?”  

What’s your reply?

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  1. I just adore this. The image has a wonderful look, the model is gorgeous with a cute sensibility. The idea of someone who perfects an image to become their ideal person thru crossdressing is a lot of fun and it has some deeper aspects you hint at here. Beautiful.